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Black Teas

Regardless of their colour, all teas come from just one tree - the tea tree or "Camellia sinecurist" ("Chinese camellia"), but only those that undergo a fermentation stage can become black teas. Black tea is obtained by so-called "long" fermentation. Enzyme fermentation gives the tea its colour and taste as well as its characteristics and beneficial properties. Black tea can be stored for several years without losing its flavour. This is why teas for export were initially all black teas.

Tea of the Eternal Snow

Tea of the Eternal Snow 100g

Christmas tea with warm, citrus spices

11,28 €
Toffee Black Tea

Toffee Black Tea 100g

The most delicious of the black teas with creamy toffee notes

7,54 €
Darjeeking Black Tea

Darjeeking Black Tea 110g

The unparalleled Great Himalayan Tea of Legend

12,80 €
Yunnan Black Tea

Yunnan Black Tea 100g

A delicious concoction of honey and floral notes

7,06 €
Smoked Black Tea Lapsang Souchong

Smoked Black Tea Lapsang Souchong 100g

Sherlock Holmes' favourite tea

9,15 €
Chocolate & Orange Easter Tea 90g

Chocolate & Orange Easter Tea 90g

Limited edition

14,93 € 12,53 €
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