Herbal Teas

There is an ancestral tradition right at the heart of Asia, namely to treat with the best that Nature has to offer. Flowers, spices, plants, etc.… we are perpetuating this tradition by offering theine-free organic teas. Based on a knowledge of traditional Asian medicine, we have selected Asia's finest ingredients for our biological herbal teas: evening tea, Detox herbal tea, etc. Herbal Teas of Asia will allow you to rediscover the flavours and properties of Asian plants picked from organic gardens in accordance with traditional methods. Both delicious and healthy, enjoy their beneficial properties and savour true moments of relaxation thanks to their unparalleled sweet and savoury flavours.

Empire des Songes

Empire des Songes - Sleep Herbal Tea 40g

Sleep Herbal Tea in loose 40g

8,15 €
Empire des Songes 18 infusettes

Empire des Songes - Sleep Herbal Tea 18...

Sleep Herbal Tea 18 teabags

8,15 €
Taille de Geisha 60g

Taille de Geisha - Silhouette Herbal Tea 60g

Silhouette Herbal Tea in loose 60g

8,15 €
Yin & Yang Digest 70g

Yin & Yang Digest - Digestion Herbal Tea 70g

Digestion Herbal Tea in loose 70g

8,15 €
Yin & Yang Digest 18 infusettes

Yin & Yang Digest - Digestion Herbal Tea...

Digestion Herbal Tea 18 teabags

8,15 €
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