Chun Cha

Chun Cha 90 teabags

Great green tea of legend containing a wealth of antioxidants

27,11 €

Once upon a time there was a garden like no other in Zhejiang. The peace enveloping the garden and the beauty of the flowers and trees growing there were unparalleled. However, anyone stepping into this idyllic place had to have a perfectly pure soul. One day, a young girl discovered this peaceful haven where she enjoyed a cup of exquisite green tea, Chun Cha. At sundown, she left the garden - never to return...

Today, Thés de la Pagode perfectly recreates the beneficial properties of Chun Cha, which means "tea of purity" in Mandarin.

With its sweet, rounded taste, the green tea possesses numerous beneficial properties thanks to the antioxidants it contains. It is an ideal accompaniment to any slimming programme because it boosts the metabolism and helps to control weight when consumed as part of a varied, balanced diet. You are advised to drink at least one cup per day.

Chun Cha Tea in teabags - Box of 90 teabags - 180g

Composition : 100% organic Chinese tea: Green tea (60%), Jasmine Green tea (28%), Pu erh tea (12%)

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