Our history

The legacy of the master tea blenders

The creation of Thés de la Pagode® is indeed history in the making... It all began with a meeting within China's borders, in the region of Yunnan to be precise, with one of the last master tea blenders.
Every day, the master taught the art of tea blending, carefully explaining every stage in the preparation process, from leaf to cup. Day after day, the master introduced his pupils to new flavours during the tea ceremony which took place in a small pagoda, away from all the hustle and bustle.

Notre histoire

Nothing but harmony and serenity surrounded the grand master and his pupils. Time stood still, the fog lifted from the mountain tops, the teas were sampled in silence and the people in attendance opened their minds to the world around them. Then as night began to fall, the master's voice rose as he recounted the history of the Great Teas of Legend.

A journey to the borders of China... and a glimpse of the tea gardens

The tea master devoted his entire life to discovering ancestral tea gardens. He travelled far and wide in his quest to discover teas, covering thousands of kilometres, discovering the most remote landscapes and crossing the highest mountain peaks...

During his travels, he discovered a wide variety of teas including vintage Wulong blends from the regions of Fujian and Guangxi, the green teas of Zhejiang and the silver buds of the white Fujian teas... He travelled across China as far as Xishuangbanna, known as the region of the "Six Tea Mountains", marvelled at the tea gardens perched at the foot of the Himalayas, and wound his way through Nepal, Korea and Japan to discover the finest tea blends Asia has to offer...

Notre histoire un voyage aux confins de la chine
Notre histoire dans les jardins de thés

At the end of his journey and enriched with a perfect knowledge of Asia's finest teas, he joined forces with French tea enthusiasts to create les Thés de la Pagode®.

Les Thés de la Pagode® are delighted to perpetuate the tradition of the grand masters of Asian tea, introducing the flavours and numerous qualities of this thousand year-old beverage to consumers all around the world.

Discover the world of Thés de la Pagode through film.

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