Pourquoi du thé bio ?

"Once upon a time there was a garden like no other in Zhejiang - China's finest green tea region. The peace enveloping the garden and the beauty of the flowers and trees growing there were unparalleled.
However, anyone stepping into this idyllic place had to have a perfectly pure soul because the garden and its tea trees were hidden from mere mortals.
One day, a young girl with alabaster skin and an unblemished soul discovered this peaceful haven where she enjoyed a cup of exquisite green tea.
At sundown, she left the garden - never to return...
But this precious, magical moment stayed with her for the rest of her life."

organic tea?

Agriculture biologique

Organic teas from Thés de la Pagode®

Thés de la Pagode® teas are all produced using Organic Farming Methods. Because of the high quality demands set by Thés de la Pagode®, experts have selected teas from Organically certified plantations, as testified by the Organic Farming labels awarded in France by organisations approved by the Public Authorities (Ecocert and Qualité France), which adorn Thés de la Pagode® sachets and boxes.
Our tea-bags are 100% natural. They do not undergo any chemical processing.

To preserve the quality of the tea, our tea-bags are neither folded nor stapled.

To ensure that our healthy teas retain all their freshness and therefore all their beneficial properties, they are placed in bags in the production premises.

L'importance de la biodiversité

The importance of biodiversity

The gardens are tiered and tea trees flourish there amidst numerous other plant species including ginger, cinnamon trees and coconut trees, etc. This biodiversity benefits all plants by promoting fertilisation, eradicating parasites and providing protection against soil erosion. When required, fertilisation is carried with an organic fertiliser. Weeding is entirely manual.

It is precisely by complying with these ancestral methods that Thés de la Pagode® has gained real expertise and can guarantee 100% organic teas. The organic harvest obtained with this traditional approach is three times smaller than that obtained with conventional methods, but is far superior in terms of quality and safety.

Preserved tea gardens

Thés de la Pagode® tea trees grow in remote gardens, high above sea level. These gardens have been preserved since time immemorial and are the same as they were several hundred years ago. They are therefore essentially organic, and were selected according to criteria that satisfy the quality requirements of Thés de la Pagode®.
They are located throughout Asia, depending on the blend, some 1,200 to 1,800 metres above sea level. These mountain regions make ideal tea plantations, particularly since they are frequently shrouded in mist. In fact, the mist filters the sun's rays. The leaves develop slowly, which keeps them soft and preserves their high antioxidant content.

Des jardins de thé préservés
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