Imperial picking
Imperial picking Bud + 1 leaf
Fine picking
Fine picking Bud + 2 leaves
Coarse picking
Coarse picking Bud + 3 leaves

Thés de La Pagode® picking follows secular tradition, preserving all of the beneficial properties of tea. In fact, the quality and flavour of the tea are determined by the type of leaf picked, amongst other things.

In the spring, "imperial picking" is carried out in the gardens of Thés de la Pagode®: pickers focus exclusively on the bud ("Pekoe" in Chinese Mandarin) and the first leaf.
"Fine picking" is another technique that is used. In this case, pickers select the bud and the first two leaves.

Une cueillette précieuse

"For many years, spring-time in China has been celebrated by a major event in the tea gardens.
Just before picking the buds, the pickers gather round and sing and perform sacred dances.
These quiet songs echo through the hills and vales, informing the local inhabitants that soon they will be able to savour teas with exceptional properties."

Répartition des antioxydants

The young shoots are softer and contain over 80% of tea antioxidants, which provide protection against the sun's rays.
This antioxidant content also gives Thés de la Pagode® a sweeter, rounder taste than teas that are not picked using this precious method.

Distribution of antioxidants in the tea tree



1st leaf


2nd leaf


3rd leaf


Leaves Upper stem


Leaves Lower stem

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