Fair trade

an eco-citizen approach

All our teas are certified Organic. But for most consumers of organic produce, the Organic certification is no longer enough. Just like Thés de la Pagode® teas, "eco-citizens" are convinced that respect for the Earth and the environment is intrinsically linked to respect for small-scale producers, and are focusing increasingly on a fair and "eco-responsible" approach".

Fairtrade, organic agriculture

Continuing our desire to offer organic teas that respect the sector, the environment and our consumers, we decided to go one step further by developing a range of Fair Trade teas. After working for several years with our small-scale tea producers in Asia, we can now proudly present a range of Fair Trade teas, certified by our partner, Max Havelaar.

Max Havelaar, an indispensable partner

We have concentrated on certifying some of our Fair Trade teas, calling on one of the most committed stakeholders to assist us: Max Havelaar.
Today, ¾ of the billion people suffering from hunger around the world are employed as agricultural workers. Often isolated at the end of the chain, they lack information and have difficulty in defending their rights. Max Havelaar puts manufacturers into contact with small-scale producers who want to adopt this approach.

Max Havelaar, un partenaire indispensable

Fair Trade commitments

There are 4 basic rules to Fair Trade

Respect for workers' rights:
Decent salaries, trade-union freedom and freedom of association.


Guaranteed purchase prices
To allow producers to live in dignity with their families.


Democracy and non-discrimination:
Involvement of each member of the producing organisation in the decision-making process.


Strengthening of organisations:
Investment in economic, social and environmental projects.

Fair trade certifcation, an eco-citizen approach
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