Charter regarding the use of cookies

Thés de la Pagode wishes to point out that when you visit the Thés de la Pagode site from your computer at,, et, and in their mobile phone and tablet versions, your browsing information is likely to be stored on your equipment in files known as cookies and issued by Thés de la Pagode in an attempt to facilitate and personalise your browsing experience.


It should be noted that Internet sites are obliged by law to obtain the consent of web users before using cookies, except for cookies that are strictly necessary or totally anonymous (in accordance with the CNIL - French Data Protection Authority) recommendation related to cookies) through information provided and accessible via a banner displayed on the homepage.


This is why, the first time you visit our website, a banner will inform you that Thés de la Pagode uses cookies to memorise your preferences and optimise your browsing on our site. It also wishes to inform you that, by continuing to browse, you are accepting our policy to use cookies on or for the site.


You have the option, if you wish, to choose to accept all of the cookies or to refuse them systematically and therefore prohibit any cookie from being registered (however, this may prevent access to the site functions).


Thés de la Pagode attaches great importance to protecting the personal data of visitors to its website and wishes to provide them with the highest level of protection and confidentiality in accordance with the amended Data Protection Act.


Our policy in terms of cookies is included in this charter and explains how we use cookies on our site whilst ensuring an adequate level of protection.


1) What is a cookie?


A cookie is a simple text stored on the hard disk of your computer equipment (PC, smart phone, tablet, etc.) issued by the server of the web site you are visiting. It contains several items of data such as the name of the server where it is located, a unique number, possibly an expiry date and browsing information relating to the pages of the site you are visiting. It is therefore used to send information to the browser used by the computer and allows this browser to send information to the site that issued the cookie such, as for instance, a session identifier, the language used, the pages of the site visited, information about your basket or the management of your account, etc..


Only the party that set the cookie can access it and read or amend the information contained in the cookie whilst it is stored on the site.


There are several categories of temporary or permanent cookies that are used for different purposes:

  • session cookies that disappear when you leave the site;
  • cookies that are stored on your computer until their expiry date unless you decided not to accept them at the outset or subsequently, or to remove them using your browser functions, which allow you to manage the cookies.


Cookies can be functional and may be absolutely necessary (for which consent is not required) or not required. These cookies can also be statistics, measurements showing the number of visitors to the website, performance, targeting or social networks. They are installed by the website or by a third party authorised by the site.


The characteristics or preferences related to browsing the computer you are using are recorded via cookies: if several people use the computer, their preferences will also be recorded together with offers and services available as well as advertising incorporating the preferences of these persons.


2) What cookies are used by Thés de la Pagode?


2.1 Thés de la Pagode cookies


When you visit the website, Thés de la Pagode will use cookies that will be installed at its request on your computer. Other cookies serving the same purpose may be subsequently installed.


2.2 THIRD PARTY cookies


Cookies are also likely to be set by partner companies (third party cookies). The purpose of these cookies is to identify your centres of interest through products you have looked at or purchased on our site and to collect browser data to personalise the advertising sent to you outside the site or to respond to set objectives.


The cookies used on the site are third party cookies (partners, advertising companies social networks), the limits of which are set by Thés de la Pagode. The setting and use of cookies by these third parties are subject to the "personal protection and cookies policies" of these third parties. Thés de la Pagode has no access or control over the third party cookies.


3) Purposes of the cookies used by Thés de la Pagode


The cookies we use are not listed exhaustively below. If other purposes are added after your first visit to the site, you will be informed by a new banner which will be displayed on your computer/device and in the update of this charter, informing you of new information. 


3.1 Functional cookies


These are cookies set by Thés de la Pagode on your computer/device for browsing our internet site and to optimise and personalise our site services.


Some essential functional cookies are required in order to browse our site and use all of its functions.


For example, they allow you to access your account using a secure connection or to access your shopping basket.


The application of essential cookies does not require any prior consent. These cookies must not be deleted if you want to benefit from all site functions. The deletion of one or more corresponding cookies may prevent or limit site functions. 

Other functional cookies allow you to browse our site and use all of its functions such as image display and windows allowing you to add items to your basket.


3.2 Advertising cookies


These are cookies set by third party companies (e.g. advertising companies or partners) in order to identify your areas of interest through the products you have looked at or purchased on the site) and to personalise the advertisements sent to you via our site or outside our site.


3.3 Analytical cookies


These cookies tell you how many people have visited the site, for example, the number of pages consulted, the type of visitors, etc. They also enable you to identify the source of the site visits or the most viewed products, error pages, etc.


3.4 Cookies from social networks


Thés de la Pagode uses social networking apps in order to create a community based on the world of tea, its culture, rites and properties.


Cookies can also be registered via our site on your terminal/device by social networks when you use network buttons such as “Facebook”, “Pinterest”, “Google +”, etc.


The social network is likely to identify you via the app button if you use it, but also if you do not use it during your visit to our website when your social networking session is open on your computer/device (or generally when your social network in question is activated). If you do not want this to happen, you must close your sessions on the social networks prior to searching and browsing our site.


We recommend that you carefully read the general terms and conditions and "private and cookies protection policies" of these social networks when setting up your accounts on each of these social networks. Thés de la Pagode accepts no liability for the management of your personal data by these social networks via app buttons if you accept by continuing to browse our site without having logged out of your social networks.


4) Management of cookies and your preferred settings

4.1 Management of cookies by you


You can choose from several options when setting your browser and/or managing and/or deleting cookies, as shown below.


4.2. Cookie management by your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.)


The browser records the cookies and can be used to control the cookies in accordance with your preferences.


Most browsers have default settings and accept the use of cookies.


If this is not appropriate for you, you can, if you so wish, choose to accept all of the cookies or to refuse them systematically and therefore prevent any cookie from being registered (however, this may prevent you from accessing all of the site functions) or choose the ones you want. You can also set your browser to accept or refuse cookies on an individual basis, prior to installation.


If you do not delete them, they will eventually disappear depending on their retention period, which may be several months or at the end of your session, according to the type of cookie. We wish to point out that by setting your browser to refuse cookies, some site functions (pages, areas, services, etc.) will not be accessible. Thés de la Pagode accepts no liability for this.


Each browser is configured differently. The configuration is described in your browser user menu, which you can use to follow the suitable procedure to amend your preferences in terms of cookies.


Typical examples:


We also wish to point out the fact that if you refuse to install or use a cookie on the Thés de la Pagode site, a rejection cookie will be installed on your computer/device. It must not be deleted, because if you remove it, we will not be able to identify you as having refused to use our cookies.

4.2. Cookie management by Thés de la Pagode


Use of date collected by us via cookies 

The data we collect via the cookies we use can be sent to our service providers (technical, etc.)...


Use of personal data by Thés de la Pagode


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