Thé Sou Tsian Equitable - 30 infusettes

Sou Tsian Fair Trade - 90 teabags

"Detox" Oolong tea to drain and eliminate

48,58 €

This organic tea is certified as a Fair Trade Tea under the Max Havelaar label. The Fair trade/Max Havelaar standards guarantee better commercial and/or working conditions for producers and workers in the south, and provide them with an opportunity to invest in a sustainable future.

Once upon a time, in the high Fujian mountains, women drank Sou Tsian tea. Alone except for the rustling of the leaves, they revealed an ancestral beauty secret to the younger generations: this delicate brew which quenched their thirst and had the power to enhance their beauty…

Today, Thés de la Pagode recreates the beneficial properties of Sou Tsian, an exceptional Oolong tea. It is cultivated in the preserved tea gardens of Fujian, according to ancestral methods. This tea with the subtle woody notes of chestnut, hazelnut and honey can be consumed throughout the day. The draining and detoxifying properties of tea are an excellent aid to any slimming and well-being programme in conjunction with a varied, balanced diet.

Sou Tsian Fair Trade Tea in teabags - Box of 90 teabags - 270g

Composition : Organic Chinese oolong tea (100%)

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