Yunnan Black Tea

Yunnan Black Tea 100g

A delicious concoction of honey and floral notes

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The Yunnan region is considered the birthplace of tea because of its hot, humid climate and its high plateaus making it extremely favourable for tea production. There, amongst the clouds, can be found the oldest tea trees in the world, whose leaves have been harvested for millions of years.

This mountainous tea is considered one of the best black teas in the world.  Sweet and woody and bright red in colour, this tea has a unique taste of honey with floral notes.

Yunnan tea is a very popular choice as it combines the tea lover’s favourites of sweetness and lightness whilst remaining full and rounded in taste. This delicious tea is a perfect starting point for tea initiates.

Tea leaves - 100g Sachet

Composition: Yunnan 100% Organic Black Tea.

Recipe: Cold coral lentil cream and mousse flavoured with Yunnan tea

Ingredients (serves 4-6):

  • 500 g of Indian coral lentils
  • 2 carrots
  • 3 Cevennes onions or another soft onion
  • 1 clove
  • 1 bouquet garni (green leeks incorporating 1 branch of thyme, 2 bay leaves and 5 sprigs of parsley)
  • 2 pinches of salt flower
  • 1 dash of milled pepper
  •  22.5 L of chicken or vegetable broth
  • 200 g of liquid cream
  • 6 g Thés de la Pagode Yunnan black tea
  • 1 pinch of fine salt
  • 1 soup spoonful of Tahina
  • 1 teaspoonful of sesame oil


1. Rinse the lentils under cold water. Wash the carrots. Peel them. Cut them in half. Peel and cut the onions in half. Attach the clove to a piece of onion so as not to lose it.

2. Rinse the lentils under cold water. Place the lentils in a saucepan with carrots, the onion with clove, bouquet garni and broth. Bring to the boil.

3. Add water to cover the lentils in the saucepan.

4. Simmer and leave to cook for 1 hour. Do not salt and pepper until two-thirds through the cooking time.

5. Mix the lentils and part of the cooking juices to the desired consistency (with a blender or hand blender). Mix for a long time.

6. Sieve (optional) to obtain a smooth cream. Refrigerate

7. For the emulsion: heat the cream. When it boils, infuse the tea for 5 minutes. Filter. Blend the Tahina, sesame oil and salt using a fork or small whisk. Place all of the ingredients in a siphon fitted with two air cartridges. Serve on plates or in bowls.

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