Gyokuro Green Tea from Japan

Gyokuro Green Tea from Japan

An exceptional springtime Great Tea of Legend

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This Gyokuro green tea, or “Dew pearl” in Japanese, is grown on the Island of Kyushu. It is one of the Japan’s most symbolic green teas. The picking of this ichiban-sha (“springtime tea”), is always eagerly awaited in the Land of the Rising Sun. The buds and first leaves harvested in the spring produce the richest and most subtle flavours and notes.

This exceptional, organic Great Tea of Legend has been cultivated in the shade in its tea garden in order to accentuate its unique smooth flavours (“umami” in Japanese). Its needle-shaped leaves, which are a beautiful shade of emerald green, have been fixed through humid heat to preserve their subtle flavours. The fresh, sweet, herbal and marine notes of this Japanese tea will delight the finest of palates.

Great Loose Tea of Legend – 80g canister

Composition: 100% organic Japanese Gyokuro green tea

A few kilometres from Kyoto, near the Byodo-in temple - one of the most elegant in Japan - lies the Uji tea garden. Our Gyokuro tea is harvested here in this enchanting setting.

Japan is reputed for the quality of its Great Teas of Legend which include some of the finest and most sought after teas in the world. But amongst these Great Teas of Legend, Gyokuro tea is considered to be "the king of teas”. A distinction can be made between two major groups of Japanese green teas: the “sunkissed”, teas such as Sencha, or Genmaicha, and the shaded teas including Gyokuro tea. Shaded cultivation keeps the tea leaf soft and allows it to become enriched with certain aromatic compounds. In fact, shading the tea leaves slows down the transformation of theanine into tannins, which gives Gyokuro its soft, mellow notes known as “umami” in Japanese.

Very fine, translucent, luminous yellow liquid is the hallmark of a high-quality Gyokuro tea. For the most discerning, it should be noted that Gyokuro tea leaves are the perfect accompaniment to soy sauce after their last infusion!

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