White Tea from Nepal

White Tea from Nepal

A very rare great tea of legend obtained from a preserved tea garden

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This Great white Tea of Legend is grown 2,400 metres above sea level in the Shangri-La tea plantation in the valley of Ilam, on the borders of Nepal. This location, where time appears to have stood still, is the birthplace of an exceptional Great Tea of Legend: an organic white tea with silvery, velvety leaves and a wealth of buds. This plant, with its rare, subtle plant notes and floral heart, should be sipped slowly to fully appreciate this rare, precious tea.

Nepal White Tea, which comes from the Shangri-La garden, is an exceptional tea with silvery, velvety leaves and buds. Its plant notes, which are extremely subtle, should be savoured slowly in order to fully appreciate the infinite delicacy of this rare, precious tea, which just like its garden of origin, appears to be untouched by time.

Great Loose Tea of Legend – 50g canister

Composition: 100% organic Nepal White Tea

Only at the end of a long journey through Nepal's winding roads will you discover one of the world’s most well-kept secrets in terms of tea gardens: Shangri-La. Here, a far cry from urban hustle and bustle, time seems to have stood still. The garden nestles in the heart of the Ilam valley, to the far east of Nepal. At 2,400 metres above sea level, and facing the picturesque panorama of the Himalayas, total serenity reigns, together with an ideal climate for cultivating Great Teas of Legend.

Every year in early spring, after winter hibernation, the tea trees awaken and their young shoots, rich in antioxidants, yield unique notes, heralding the advent of extremely elegant green and white teas. Preserved for Chinese Emperors in bygone days, white tea is obtained using a unique production process. The leaves are neither rolled nor baked but dried naturally to preserve the quality of their flavours.

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