Oolong Dong Ding Tea from China

Oolong Dong Ding Tea from China

A Fujian Oolong with subtle notes

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The Empire du Milieu proudly presents one of its finest Oolong teas, cultivated in a small preserved garden in Fujian in China. This Great Tea of Legend belongs to the Dong Ding variety, which means “Icy Mountain Mists" in Mandarin. This high altitude tea is produced with very little oxidation to create a Great Tea of Legend with subtle, herbal notes. Its pearlised leaves, which are a beautiful shade of dark green, produce yellow, straw-coloured liquor and velvety notes with an aroma reminiscent of flowers and vanilla butter.

It is traditionally infused and enjoyed according to the age-old traditions of Gong Fu Cha, the Chinese tea ceremony, which highlights the richness of its aroma.

Great Loose Tea of Legend – 80g canister

Composition: 100% Organic Oolong Dong Ding Jade Tea.

Legend has it that, one day, a master tea blender was walking in his tea garden in the heart of Fujian. Deep in thought, he suddenly noticed a huge black snake emerge from a tea tree. Believing this was fate, he pulled a few leaves off the tree to taste them. They were delicious - hence Oolong tea was created, which literally means "black dragon tea" in Mandarin.

Even today, Fujian is the uncontested region for Oolong Great Teas of Legend. Semi-fermented (they are referred as "balance teas" in China), Oolong teas come midway between green tea and black tea. Partial oxidation of their leaves, which vary in length depending on the blend, gives teas an infinite array of aromas with very rich, very different flavours, ranging from herbal notes to the more structured chords. Our garden, which nestles in the heart of the preserved mountain ranges to the east of Fujian, produces one of the most well-known blends of Oolong tea, namely Dong-Ding (which is "icy peak" in Mandarin).

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