Matcha Green Tea from Japan

Matcha Green Tea from Japan

The most mythical of Japanese teas

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Matcha green tea, which means "tea powder" in Japanese, is a great tea of legend of exceptional quality. It is cultivated in shade in Japan which produces some of the world's finest and most sought after teas.

Thanks to this traditional technique, which uses sunshades to protect the tea trees from the sun a few weeks before picking, the leaves of Matcha Green Tea produce exceptionally sweet, smooth notes, which the Japanese refer to as “umami”. With its superb emerald green colour, this Great Tea of Legend provides a rich, herbal flavour. Slightly bitter, this tea with its velvety, rounded taste creates an unforgettable moment to savour.

Since the IXth century, this tea has been associated with a unique tea ceremony called Cha No Yu in Japan, which means "hot water for tea”. During this highly ceremonious event, the tea is whipped according to an age-old ritual. Still practised today, this ceremony conjures up harmony and purity as well as respect and peace of mind.


Prepare with a traditional Matcha whisk made from bamboo

This Great tea of Legend, which is in a powder format, is whisked instead of being infused.

- Sieve 1 gram of Matcha tea powder and pour over 80 ml of water heated to 80°C.

- Then whisk the tea briskly for approximately 30 seconds using a small whisk made from bamboo. Make a "W" shape to obtain a fine froth on the surface.

Original Great Loose Tea of Legend in powder format – 40g canister

Composition: 100% organic Japanese Matcha green tea

A few kilometres from Kyoto, near the Byodo-in temple - one of the most elegant in Japan - lies the Uji tea garden. One of the world's finest Matcha teas is harvested in this enchanting setting. Reputed for the exceptional sophistication of its shaded teas, this garden produces an incredibly refined Matcha tea produced in accordance with traditional Japanese methods.

A few weeks before harvesting, the tea trees are covered with rice straw or large black covers to filter out sunlight. Immersed in darkness, the leaves stay soft and a uniquely sweet and mellow flavour is produced. This Matcha tea of exceptional quality has a velvety taste with a hint of herbs and a dash of bitterness.

Unlike other teas, to prepare and enjoy all of the notes of this particular tea, it should not be brewed but whisked using a traditional bamboo whisk until a fine froth appears on the surface. Renowned for the wealth of antioxidants it contains, it will give you a surprising but beneficial sensory experience.

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