Chinese Sencha Green Tea with Vanilla and Cherry Blossom

Chinese Sencha Green Tea with Vanilla and Cherry Blossom 100g

Homage to the Japanese Hanami

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The ephemeral blossoming of the cherry trees is celebrated in Asia each year in homage to the beauty of Nature. Our Sencha Green Tea with Vanilla and Cherry Blossom captures this tradition by delicately combining the freshness of green tea, the fruity taste of cherry and the rounded notes of vanilla to produce a luxurious and sophisticated beverage.

Grown in China, this Sencha green tea has long leaves dappled with a magnificent emerald colour. Especially sweet, simple and refined, this traditional Sencha has a fresh flavour of springtime.

A true tribute to the beauty of Asian gardens, this Grand Cru will seduce any discerning tea lover, searching for those sophisticated moments of reverie…

Tea leaves - 100g Sachet

Composition: China Organic Sencha Green Tea, natural flavour of cherry blossom, organic rose petals and the natural flavour of vanilla.


Recipe: Poached peaches served with Vanilla & Cherry Blossom Green Tea and cream flavoured with Vanilla & Cherry Blossom Green Tea


Serves 4
15 min preparation time 
20 min cooking time 
refrigerate for at least 3 hours


To prepare the peaches 
2 peaches (have 3 on stand-by for pitting)
16 g of Sencha Vanilla & Cherry Blossom Green Tea

To make the cream
6 g of Sencha Vanilla & Cherry Blossom Green Tea
4 eggs
150 g of caster sugar
160 g of butter

To prepare the cream 
1. Heat 18 cl of water (180 g) to 75°C. Infuse 10 g of Sencha Vanilla & Cherry Blossom Green Tea for 5 minutes. Filter and put to one side. 
2. Break the eggs. Place them evenly in a bowl. Add the sugar. Stir using a spatula. Incorporate the warm infused tea. Mix.
3. Place on a low heat, stirring continuously with a spatula, as for a custard. Keep the temperature of the cream below 80°C.
4. When the cream starts to thicken, continue to heat to increase volume. Remove from the heat as the mixture starts to bubble.
5. Filter through a strainer into a cold bowl.
6. When the temperature has fallen to 45°C, add all of the butter and emulsify using a hand blender. Refrigerate for 3 hours.

Preparation of poached peaches
1. Wash the peaches. Peel them and place them in a high-sided saucepan. Do not choose a saucepan that is too big. The peaches must be wedged against each other.
2. Heat 1 litre of water to 75°C. Infuse 16 g of Sencha Vanilla & Cherry Blossom Green Tea for 5 minutes. Filter. 
3. Pour over the tea. At least 3/4 of the peaches must be covered. 
4. Simmer gently for approximately 30 minutes. Remove them gently. Leave to drain at room temperature.
5. Cut in half and remove the kernel using a (curved) grapefruit knife.
6. Place the peaches, face downwards on a hollow plate or in a bowl. Pour the Sencha Vanilla & Cherry Blossom Green Tea in the centre where the kernel was and all around the peach.
7. Refrigerate for approximately 3 hours. Serve chilled but not frozen.


For decoration, select a few rose petals from the tea bag and place them on the cream and peach.

And don't forget to accompany your dessert with a Rooibos tea which blends perfectly with the delicious, fruity notes!


Chef's tip:

If the kernel is too difficult to remove, replace the peaches with nectarines.

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