Green Tea with Dragon Fruit

Green Tea with Dragon Fruit 100g

A delicious, exotic combination!

7,39 €

Legend states that millions of years ago, dragon fruit came to be from the last breath of a dragon, presented to the Emperor of China as proof of the monster’s defeat. The legend adds that it was the search for this fruit, defended tooth and nail by the dragons, which led to the species’ demise.

Thés de la Pagode revisits this myth through this tea made following the purest Chinese tradition. This mix of “Chun Meegreen tea and Sencha is infused with Dragon Fruit. This exotic, bright pink fruit has a sweet and delicate flavour.

Perfuming the subtlety of a green tea with these exotic, captivating aromas will sweep you up into a whirlwind of delights and take you to new places.

Tea leaves - 100g Sachet

Composition: Sencha organic Green Tea, Chun Mee Organic Green Tea, natural flavour of dragon fruit, Organic marigold petals.


Along the China Sea - a region steeped in myths and legends...

South of Shanghai, east of China is Zhejiang - a hilly region that enjoys a subtropical climate which is extremely conducive to the cultivation of tea. Opposite the western lake, its capital city, Hangzhou, is one of China's six ancient cities. For centuries it has been the gateway to a land steeped in myths and legend where the most renowned Chinese green teas are cultivated.

Symbolic with the know-how of this region, Dragon Fruit Green Tea is a blend of the fresh, light notes of Sencha and a Great Tea of Legend from our Zhejiang gardens, namely Chun Mee, with a sweet and floral taste. Accentuated by the delicious flavours of dragon fruit, this exotic fruit with its fine fuchsia hue and delicate taste is reminiscent of the traditional Zhejiang green teas displaying all the subtlety and finesse of their notes.

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