Taille de Geisha 60g

Taille de Geisha - Silhouette Herbal Tea 60g

Silhouette Herbal Tea in loose 60g

8,15 €

Taille de Geisha® herbal tea is an organic beverage with Detox and slimming properties. An ancestral beauty secret nurtured in the land of the Rising Sun, it brings you all of the beneficial properties of Japanese White Mulberry and Hibiscus leaves. This very beautiful flower bestows its pink shade and acidic notes combined with its draining, digestive properties on Taille de Geisha® slimming herbal tea. Dandelion and Burdock provide diuretic properties.

As for Mint, it adds fresh, thirst-quenching notes to this 100% organic, theine-free herbal tea. Because of its mint content, Taille de Geisha® can be enjoyed hot or cold with ice. It will be your ideal daily companion, helping to restore your silhouette.

Organic herbal tea Taille de Geisha® in loose – 60g Sachet

Composition: organic nanah mint, organic hibiscus, organic greater burdock, organic dandelion, organic white Japanese mulberry.

Notes: Fresh and minty at the outset. The minty flavour stays in the mouth throughout the drinking process. The various flavours intermingle such as fruity notes heightened by the acidity of hibiscus and herbal notes. This herbal tea strikes an original balance between mint and hibiscus.

This herbal tea can be enjoyed hot (as a herbal tea) and cold (soaked in tepid water).

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