Yin & Yang Digest 18 infusettes

Yin & Yang Digest - Digestion Herbal Tea 18 teabags

Digestion Herbal Tea 18 teabags

8,15 €

Yin & Yang Digest® herbal tea help restore balance. This organic herbal tea subtly blends some of Asia's most symbolic spices including Star Anise and Cardamom. Coriander and Green anise seeds complete these delicate flavours to ensure light digestion.

With its subtle aniseed, almost liquorice flavour, this digestion-promoting herbal tea is an ideal beverage after a meal. Theine-free, it can be enjoyed hot, even in the evening. Extremely sweet, it brings you those delicious moments of calm and relaxation.

Organic herbal tea Yin & Yang Digest® in Pagode Sachets – Box of 18 teabags

Composition: organic fennel, organic green anise, organic star anise, organic coriander, organic lemon balm, organic cardamom.

Notes: woody, liquorice (star anise), fresh, aniseed (fennel, aniseed), piquant (cardamom) and spicy floral (coriander). 

The notes follow on from each other in perfect harmony. The notes are warm and rounded. The slightly sugary flavour is reassuring and piquant after swallowing. 

This herbal tea can be enjoyed hot (after warm infusion) or cold (after soaking in tepid water).

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