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Qi Cha 90 teabags

White tea to strengthen physical resistance

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Legend has it that, in the region of Fujian, a man lived for so long that no-one knew his age. It was only after he had died that they found out his secret: every day he drank a cup of white tea – the precious beverage reserved for the Imperial family. In saving the Chinese Emperor from serious danger, the old man was rewarded with the right to drink the tea.

Today, Thés de la Pagode perfectly recreate the beneficial properties of Qi Cha Protect organic tea, which translates as “miracle tea” in Mandarin, a Great White Tea of Legend with a sophisticated taste.

Qi Cha tea is made exclusively from the silver buds and first leaves on the stem, picked in springtime before the first sun’s rays begin to melt away their white overcoats. The leaves are then dried and prepared using traditional Chinese methods to produce a crystalline beverage, with fresh, floral notes.

The tea is a source of antioxidants, helping you to withstand seasonal changes more effectively. Savour the delicate flavours of white tea as part of a varied, balanced diet. Experience well-being and boost your natural defences at the same time.

Protect Qi Cha Tea in teabags - Box of 90 teabags - 225g

Composition : Organic white tea (70%), organic oolong tea (15%), organic jasmine green tea (15%)

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