Sveltaé 30 teabags

Sveltaé 30 teabags

Green Tea , Mate & Guarana to accompany a diet

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Legend has it that, in the Zhejiang province, a jealously guarded secret was passed down from mother to daughter - that of a beverage capable of bringing peace and beauty to anyone who drank it each day.

This precious ritual has continued to this day. Thés de la Pagode have cleverly incorporated all of the beneficial properties of Sveltae tea, a delicious, subtle Sencha green tea enriched with mate and guarana.

Sveltaé is a Great Tea of Legend containing organic mate and guarana. The tea is recommended for anyone following a slimming programme in conjunction with a balanced, varied diet. This Chinese tea possesses slimming properties thanks to its antioxidants. It is an ideal aid to promote weight loss. A combination of green tea, mate and guarana ensure maximum efficacy thanks to the synergy of its active substances. With its lemon, bergamot and mint notes, this subtly scented green tea is an enjoyable experience. 

Zhejiang Green Tea

Cultivated and picked according to traditional methods, this green tea helps you to use up those calories. It contains epigallo-catechines gallates or EGCG - a variety of antioxidants which increases thermogenesis, i.e. the expenditure of energy to trigger a slimming effect.


This Amazonian climbing shrub produces seeds that are known to help regulate weight. In fact, one guarana seed contains twice the amount of caffeine contained in one grain of coffee. It therefore acts on the fat combustion process, contributing to weight loss.


Mate is a herbal tea from South America. It has been consumed by the Guarani American Indians for centuries. It is particularly well known for its revitalising effects. Its mateine content - a molecule similar to caffeine and theine, also targets fat and sugar metabolism.

The TeaPlus process: a blend of well-being and expertise

Thanks to TeaPlus know-how, Sveltaé benefits from an original patented process. This enriches the tea leaves to produce a stronger concentration of active ingredients selected in the form of dry guarana extracts, to bring you optimal efficacy. It produces a concentration of active elements that is 10 to 20 times greater than that contained in a traditional herbal tea produced from medicinal plants.

Sveltaé tea in Pagoda bags - Box of 30 sachets - 45g

Composition : Organic sencha green tea (77.2%), organic mate (13.3%), organic guarana seed – dry extract (4.8%), natural aromas of lemon (2%), green mint (1.7%) and bergamot (0.7%), natural marine algae extract: sodium alginate (0.3%).

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