Théière Sakura

18-cl black Matcha tea bowl

To prepare Matcha tea in accordance with pure Japanese tradition

19,08 €

The tea bowl is the centre piece of a Japanese tea service and is used during the Matcha green tea tasting ritual. This highly ceremonious event known as Cha No Yu was introduced into Japan in the IXth century by monks who had travelled in China. It creates an atmosphere of calm, respect, harmony and purity. This ceremony is still held today but you can quite easily prepare your own Matcha tea in the comfort of your own home. Savour the sweet, mellow and herbal notes known as “umami” in Japanese.

This black tea bowl with detailed finish will enable you to prepare your Matcha tea in accordance with pure Japanese tradition. To prepare Matcha tea, you will need a bowl, a small sieve and a small bamboo whisk. Simply sieve one gram of Matcha tea powder into the bowl and add 80 ml of boiling water (80°C). All you have to do then is whisk vigorously for 30 seconds to one minute using your small bamboo whisk and forming a “W” as you whisk. Your tea is ready to drink when a fine froth appears on the surface.

Capacity: 18cl

Dimensions: 11cm (diameter) x 7.2 cm (height)

Material: ceramic

Rinse with clear water after use.

Not dishwasher proof.

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